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What is  DreamProjX?

The "DreamProjX" initiative is new business model in which SDA partners with corporations to head the product research and development process for royalties rather than upfront fees. We work closely alongside our partners to develop their dream projects to their specifications.


In the DreamProjX model, partner corporations only pay SDA’s out-of-pocket expenses, without markups. Only once sales have been realized does SDA receive payment in the form of pre-negotiated royalties from product sales. In short, SDA only turns a profit when our partners succeed.


DreamProjX is exclusively available to solvent corporations with backgrounds in international merchandising. If you represent a corporation with a backlog of "dream projects" that never made it beyond the drafting table, we would love to discuss developing them with you.

Contact us to discuss corporate product development partnerships

We welcome you to visit our design studio in North County San Diego, CA, or connect with us via telephone or video call.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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