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Robson L. Splane Jr.



SDA Moves from Consulting to Licensing

With two MA's and an MFA in design, Robson Splane became one of the youngest professors of design at UCLA, CSUN, and CSLB in the early eighties. While teaching, he worked at the international design firm Gould & Associates before going on to found Splane Design Associates (SDA).

Splane is named on over 90 domestic and international patents, and his work has been featured in books, magazines, galleries, and museums. As an alumnus of CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach, and Pasadena Art Center College of Design, he is often called upon as a panelist or guest speaker for university functions.

As CEO of SDA, Splane headed seminal projects with household names such as Universal Studios, Disney, Sirius Radio, and Time Life. In his two design studios in Los Angeles, he created a uniquely energetic and positive creative space for his design team, fostering a freedom of ideas for which he is still respected decades later.

Following its success as a design consulting firm, SDA shifted into a licensing model. As licensors, SDA saw a number of television successes in the infomercial market. For a time, SDA had three concurrent infomercials on international television, and several individual products went on to yield gross sales in excess of $1B each.

Robson L. Splane Jr. on the Life of a Designer

Robson L. Splane Jr. on the Life of a Designer

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"It’s really hard to know when I’m playing and when I’m working. That line is really fuzzy.


It just seems to be a curse of my family that we tend to be creatives."

Our Services


The DreamProjX Initiative

*SDA is not available for design consulting. We are exclusively licensors, with the exception of DreamProjX clients (see below).

Our current products available for license and partnership include an array of finished and patented products in the fitness, medical/rehab, and assisted living fields that the company has come to specialize in, as well as a diverse selection in broader merchandising fields. Contact us if you are interested in being a licensing partner.

Most recently, SDA has expanded to include an alternate business model dubbed “DreamProjX,” in which SDA partners with corporations to take over product research and development. In the DreamProjX model, partner corporations only pay SDA’s out-of-pocket expenses until sales have been realized, at which point SDA receives pre-negotiated royalties from product sales. In short, SDA only turns a profit when our partners succeed. The DreamProjX initiative is exclusively available to solvent corporations with backgrounds in international merchandising.


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